I am running for the Creighton Elementary School District Governing Board. I am a proud Creighton alumna who attended from 1991-2001. I am a first generation college graduate with a bachelors degree in education. I am a former licensed teacher who worked in public high schools for five years before going to law school. I have the experience in education and in this community to help improve how the district communicates and engages with teachers, families, and students. 

In my job as a Public Defender, I see the lasting impact that an inadequate education and a lack of social support services can have in peoples’ lives. I think that this board has done some great things however I think that they have become complacent with the status quo. I think that they can do more and be more progressive in what they do. I have identified three key areas that I would like to focus on. 

Recruiting and Retaining Teachers and Staff

Our district continues to face staffing shortages and is losing teachers at an alarming rate. We must realize that the same things we employ to attract teachers should be what retains them. We must actually listen to feedback from our teachers and staff— we cannot implement effective initiatives and policy changes by listening to folks who haven’t spent time in our schools. We must provide meaningful and intentional development opportunities for our teachers— opportunities that don’t always involve an administrator track. Finally, we must do everything in our power to compensate our teachers adequately. I realize the political barriers that exist within this state but that doesn’t mean we can’t do whatever we can as a district to provide our teachers with the compensation they deserve.

Commitment to Equity

Creighton is a diverse, Title I, district. There is so much to celebrate within our district however we are not immune to the unique issues our students and families face. The opportunity gap still exists, even within our district. We must work to heal our relationships and develop equitable principles to operate by. I will work to have the district and the board re-evaluate existing, and examine new, policies and procedures through an equity lens. I will listen to directly impacted people in our community and implement policies with their input and buy in.

Community Engagement

Our districts serve our community and they should be transparent about their decision making and they should have open lines of communication. No family or community members should ever be ignored or turned away when trying to communicate with their neighborhood school or the district. I believe that schools should be the centers of our communities and neighborhoods. We need to think of how to engage families and community at every step of the way. We have to meet folks where they are at, doing so will only strengthen the education and services we can provide.