I am Katie Gipson-McLean and I am excited to announce that I am running for the Ward 3 seat on the Phoenix Union High School District Governing Board! I was born and raised in East Phoenix, and my family and I still reside there. My grandmother, parents, aunts and uncles, brother, and cousins all attended school in PUHSD.

I am proud of where I come from and I am proud to be an alumna of Phoenix Union. Some of the most remarkable and accomplished people I know are Phoenix Union Alumni. They are teachers, parents, engineers, community organizers, doctors, pilots, lawyers, business owners, contractors, tradesmen, veterans, and so much more. When someone thinks about Phoenix Union, I want them to think of these successes.

The district has come a long way in the time since I was a student. I also know that no matter how far we have come, we can go even further because our kids, families, and teachers deserve excellence.

As a board member, I look forward to bringing my perspective as an alumna and as a former youth worker and educator to the decision making process. I want to focus on three specific areas: advocating for equitable policies and procedures; cultivating the community’s engagement in the continued success of our students; and making the board and its meetings more accessible to all stakeholders in the district.

I look forward to talking more about these issues and learning about what is important to you.

In order to be successful I am going to need your help. We have literature to print, doors to knock on, and folks to engage!

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