Meet Katie

Hello! I am Katie Gipson McLean and I am running for Creighton Elementary School District Governing Board in 2022. I am currently employed as a Deputy Public Defender in Maricopa County. I live in my childhood home with my husband, Reese, and our two sons, Jay and Max.

I’m a Creighton alumna and my kids will be attending school in the district. I am committed to recruiting and retaining teachers and staff, proactively evaluating policies and decision making with a focus on equity, and increasing transparency and community engagement.


Recruit & Retain Teachers

Our district continues to face staffing shortages and is losing teachers at an alarming rate. We must realize that the same things we employ to attract teachers should be what retains them. 

Commitment to Equity

Creighton is a diverse, Title I, district. There is so much to celebrate within our district however we are not immune to the unique issues our students and families face.

Community Engagement

I believe that schools should be the centers of our communities and neighborhoods. We need to think of how to engage families and community at every step of the way.